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As a residential home owner you know that the maintenance and upkeep of a home can be a costly but necessary expense in order to maintain the value of your home. Window replacement is one of those costly expenses. The Fogfree solution to foggy windows is a low cost high value alternative  to replacement.
If you have noticed that your window is hazy and not clear this is the first sign of window failure. this will progress to a fog then condensation. The condensation will run down the glass and over time leave mineral deposits. The condensation will become acidic and etch the glass leaving a white haze which cannot be removed. As you can see the best results will be achieved when the defogger valve is installed in the early stages of window failure.
Fogfree Window Restoration is often referred to residential homeowners by Realtors and Home Inspectors alike. Real Estate agents know how important windows are to the value of a home and will try to eliminate any possible bargaining tools from the prospective buyer. Home inspectors will report any failed windows to the buyer.
Fogfree Window Restoration also offers a window test that can indicate the windows that are in the early stage of failure. This information will allow you to plan your window repair before any moisture damage can occur.
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Question: What is the cost to restore a window?
Answer: Repair cost of a foggy window with moisture in it... Tell me more...

Question: Effect on "R" Value
Answer: "R" value is restored. Tell me more...

Question: How Many To Replace
Answer: Preventitive treatment will extend life of windows Tell me more...

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GET THE FOG OUT Contact information: Fogfree Window Restoration
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Repair your windows at 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost of replacement windows...
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Customers' first impressions are very important. Get the fog out of your store front windows.
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Condominium - Highrise / Townhome
Property managers and Condominium boards are looking for cost effective solutions.....
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If your window is hazy and not clear this is the first sign of window seal failure. It will need to be restored.
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Center pane was restored
Same window looking from outside


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