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Canadian Home and Cottages

"Many of us have squinted through a foggy, insulated glass unit at one pint in our lives.  Until Recently, options for dealing with this problem have been limted: replace the glas (hopefully under warranty) or live with it. 

Insulated glass units(IGUs), also know as thermal-paned windows, consist of two pieces of class separted by an insulateing vapour, called argon, or oxygen, which contribute to their R-Value.  Moisture build-up or 'fog' may occur between the two sheets of glass if the unit has failed, and this diminishes the R-Value.  In later stages, damage to the window could include mineral deposits, watermarks or pitting of the glass. "

This article provides significantly more details for your information about the causes of and solutions for foggy windows, window restoration solutions, warranties, all as alternatives to replacing glass that has lost is visual clarity and R-Value to home owners, condominiums, industrial units etc. 

View the entire article as published by "Canadian Homes and Costages" magazine for more informatiive information in the attached PDF.    

Call Phil Smid at Fogfree Window Restoration for help in resolving your foggy window problems.  He will restore them to their natural clarity. 

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