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Plusaire was the solution

To whom it may concern

I live in a 1750 sq ft bungalow home that is approximately 4 years old. each winter i was experiencing condensation problems on my windows. the condensation on the windows was so bad that i would need to regularly wipe down the windows, and i would have to lay a towel along the window sills to catch the condensation run-ff.

I tried various things to minimize the problem turning on the bathroom and kitchen fans. Nothing helped the problems i was experiencing and i was beginning to worry about mold and mildew in the home in addition to the condensation.

Your technician recommended that i have  a Plusaire system installed to solve the condensation problems. Within 24 hours of installation the surfaces of the windows were dry. I no longer had to wipe down the windows or worry about mold. I also noticed that the air in my home was fresher and i did not have any musty odors.

The Plusaire system was the solution to the problem, i am very happy with the results and would recommend your services to anyone who is experiencing condensation and mold/mildew problems in the home. Thank -you for your services

Manuel Miranda




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