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FIX - How we restore the window

With the Fogfree restoration process, the cycle of moisture accumulation is reversed.  Using proprietary, precision tools, our technicians effectively re-engineer a window, introducing breathing holes so the unit can expel moisture on its own.  The secret to the process involves the installation of the micro Defogger TM valve and seal.  When radiant energy from the sun heats and pressurizes a curing window, the valve is activated, allowing vaporized moisture in the chamber to vent to the outside.

In a very short period, all moisture is expelled from the environment.  The sealed unit no longer accumulates moisture and  the "R" value of the window is restored.




 Frequent Questions

Question: Effect on "R" Value
Answer: "R" value is restored. Tell me more...

Question: Time of Repair Process
Answer: repairs can be compleated in a short time frame Tell me more...

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Problem - How Windows Fail
the rupured seal brings moisture into the sealed unit(IGU) is in most cases easily managed.
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