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Q.  Does the failed window have to be removed to do the  restoration work? 

A.  No, our patented process removes trapped window moisture without having to take the window out or disturbing exterior window capping or interior /exterior finish.

Q.  How long does the repair process take.

A.  Restoring the window takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes depending on size and location.

Q.  What is the cost to restore a window

A.  The cost to restore a window is typically 1/2 to 1/3 the price of replacement and the cost of replacing the trim and repainting.

Q.  How does the process affect the "R" value of the window.

A.  The Fogfree process restores the  "R" value to it's original specifications.

Q.  Are you able to restore windows in high rise buildings.

A.  Yes Fogfree technicians  service all types of buildings, low and high rise residential, condominium, commercial and industrial.

Q.  Should I have all my windows treated if I have one or two windows showing moisture now.

A.  Yes. This is recommended as all the windows were manufactured at the same time. It is only a matter of time before the other windows will start to show moisture, and this will prevent any moisture damage.

Q.  Can you test a window for seal failure even if I don't see any moisture.

A.  Yes! We can test any window to show you if there is any moisture vapor in the window. The test takes Approx. two minutes per window. This information will allow you to plan your window maintenance before the moisture can cause any damage to the glass

Q. Does this process work on motor coach or RV windows?

A. Yes! We use a different procedure to restore these windows but the principle is the same. The major difference is that the window will have to be removed from the vehicle.

Q. Do you have a solution for indoor window condensation?

A. With the installation of a Plusaire system on your furnace we can virtually eliminate the condensation buildup on windows in cold weather. See our info page in recent news.





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